During grade school years there was never any reason to question what life was all about – nor did I have an expansiveness of mind at those ages to even understand the questions to ask.  Besides, every answer you needed for the complex issues of life was provided by the Biblical teachings.  During late high school and my glorious undergraduate days my friends and I would quite frequently have late night discussions about the universe and meaning of life – often while lying on a beach viewing the Milky Way.  But these discussions never really came close to challenging the beliefs with which we had been raised.

After undergraduate school, life became serious.  Professional school, graduate school, marriages, research, writing, career, ………..  The meaning of life?  I was too busy playing the game of life!  My background and education had given me a great set of rules by which to live life and I was doing it.  I was far too engaged in the game of life to question what it was.  These were good years, but often accompanied by considerable stress about the game, its maneuvers and strategies, and worrying about the outcome.

During the last few years I’ve been able to escape the stress of playing the game – my career is well established and the path to the end of my life seems lit.  I’ve taken this opportunity to re-open my quest to learn about life.  As part of this inquiry I have studied psychology, anthropology, religion, consciousness, meditation and history. My grounding in vision science has been a firm foundation for this venture.

At first, my quest for the meaning of life seemed destined to be overwhelmed by the size of the task and the immense number of aspects to consider.  But then, after looking at the problem from many sides, it started to come together for me.  I began to write my thoughts on paper because it was the best way to examine my thoughts and seek clarity.  Although I couldn’t apply the same scientific rigor to my thoughts about the meaning of life as I do to my research into vision, I found that I could use reason to come to many conclusions.  The words on paper began to congeal into a cohesive statement about life (at least for me).  I want to share these thoughts with others to help test their validity and to assist others who may have some of the same questions.  It is my sincere hope that the words, thoughts, and concepts on this site can provide you with insight and clarity about Life…..and give you peace.

Satisfying a need,

Jim Sheedy, OD, PhD

Pondering Life available at: https://www.createspace.com/3693898