The Life Drive (God) as an Einsteinian Parameter

At the time of the big bang, all of the matter in our observable universe was contained in a very small size.  Therefore, size was near zero, mass and gravity were immense.  If we take them to their ultimate, as shown in the table below, size was 0 and mass and gravity were ∞. It therefore also seems to follow that speed was at the limit (speed of light) and that time was 0. This set of conditions is shown in the Before Big Bang (BBB) column in the Table.  After Big Bang (ABB), each of the primary factors is headed towards its opposite condition as noted in the Table.  The condition opposite the Big Bang is shown in the final column. 

Table. Conditions Before and After the Big Bang (BBB and ABB), and the Anti-Big Bang – or the condition towards which ABB is headed.




Anti-BB “Life”?





Towards 0



Towards 0




Towards ∞, but finite


Towards 0, but finite



The Anti-BB condition can be characterized as:

  • Time is ∞ - or Forever
  • No speed
  • No gravity
  • Size is ∞ - or Everywhere


“Everywhere” and “forever” are both characteristics commonly assigned to God and also to the truths about life espoused in Eastern Civilizations. 

It seems reasonable to hypothesize that Life is the Anti-BB condition – the opposite of the condition just prior to the Big Bang.  Matter and energy (which are basically the same) are like pawn material that gravity and space/time manipulate as their conditions vacillate between the poles (BBB and Anti-BB).

Accomplishing the condition at one pole is not tolerated by the other condition, leading to demolition of the end condition.  A correlate is that Life is what caused the Big bang.  Further, there is something in the BBB condition that causes a retreat from the Life (Anti-BB) condition.  The most likely single-name to characterize the opposite of life is “gravity”, since gravity is the primary force that is ∞ at the time of the Big Bang…..and as exists in black holes.  (Gravity even comes from the word “grave”.) “Grave’” is amazingly opposite from “life”. Gravity is 0, or non-existent, at the Anti-BB condition.  The Anti-BB condition can be called the “Life” condition.

The theory here is that the Life Drive caused the Big Bang, and that Life exists at, (or…”Life is”) the opposite of the Einsteinian conditions existing just prior to the Big Bang.  The Life Drive is forever and everywhere.

A schematic drawing of the theorized manner in which Life is the opposite of the Big Bang condition.