Is God the Life Drive?

The drive behind evolution and Life development is the ultimate unknown regarding Life on this planet.  Our mind’s acquaintance with the “world” goes back to the initial formation of vision in the Cambrian period.  Since the addition of the left brain of man much more recently, God has been associated with the unknowns within that right-brain “world”.  In terms of human tradition and, perhaps with validity, God represents the Life Drive.

Our right brain does not think, but it is the strongest part of who we are.  The secrets about God and the Life drive come to us from the right brain with its roots deep in the past.  Our left brain cannot figure out the feelings of our right brain, because our left brain skills have only been part of Life for the past 100,000 years or so: a drop in the bucket compared to the more than 550,000,000 years since the development of vision.

However, life existed on this planet billions of years before vision formed.  The earliest single cell organisms or their antecedents were the beginning Life forms on this planet – evolution began with them.  These earliest forms of Life had to survive and develop, just as all life forms since.  The Life Drive existed long before vision evolved and, hence long before the roots for our sensory-derived consciousness. 

Ultimately, it appears that we cannot completely and fully know about the Life Drive through introspection.  Such introspection quickly takes us into our right brain, of which the beliefs and understandings about God don’t enable critical analysis by any known scientific methods.

We are humans and have the propensity to think and characterize in anthropomorphic terms.  We mentally assign human characteristics, thoughts, and feelings to animals, especially our pets.  We also typically assign human thinking, consciousness, and intellect to our concept of God….as if God is a mastermind of sorts.  In order to avoid this bias, we should ask “What is God?”, instead of “Who is God?” 

First of all, if there is God, then we should conclude that there can be only one God.  We are one species all living on the same planet within one observable universe.  If there is a God, there can only be one.  Abraham recognized this in forming the first Universal God.  However, each and every “Universal God” that humans have developed has ended up being considered the God of only a portion of our species.  Although a single God seems a logical conclusion, history suggests that it may not be possible for all humans to accept a single Universal God for our species. 

Also, we will make much better progress towards understanding ourselves as a species, the world around us, and God if we can marry our right brain beliefs and understandings with our left brain scientific approach.  Our right brain beliefs and understanding about Life and God are nurtured and celebrated through religion.  Science should respect the human beliefs and understandings and embrace and investigate them.  Religion should acknowledge a Universal God without insisting that it IS the God defined by that particular religion. Religion also should work hand-in-hand with science and accept the results of scientific inquiry.

We can know that there is something that drives Life…a Life Drive. We also know that something called “God” has existed since early human consciousness.  If God is the Life Drive, then God exists.  The writings and teachings about God must be respected as clues about the Life Drive.  We can only know there is a Life Drive, and can accurately call it “God” if we define God as being the Life Drive.  Any characteristics of God that cannot also be assigned to the Life Drive are a matter of Belief.