What is Life?

We are very familiar with the concept of Darwinian survival and its role in the evolution of Life.  However, Darwinian survival is simply the strategy or tactic that governs the advancement of Life.  What is it that drives Life to engage in the Darwinian struggle for survival?  There IS a Life Drive that fuels evolution…what is it?

The theory presented here is that “Life” is an essential Universal parameter and that it exists at the opposite condition that existed just prior to the Big Bang.  In the pre-Big Bang condition gravity is infinite, size is zero, and time is zero.  At the anti-Big Bang condition, gravity is zero, size is infinite, and time is forever.  If Life is characterized as being at the latter condition, then Life is forever and everywhere…these concepts are also consistent with major philosophies, religions, and teachings.  This also provides a singular focus and concept for LIFE.

The Life Drive
Is God the Life Drive?
Life and the Cosmos
The Life Drive (God) as an Einsteinian Parameter