Today's World


Where are we now?

From the global perspective discussed so far, let’s reflect upon the current condition of Humans and Life on this planet.

For the first time in the history of planet Earth, and in the blink of an eye insofar as the history of Life, a single species (we humans) dominates all other life forms.  Our collective and individual human mind is the current pinnacle of evolutionary life on this planet.  We have conquered all other life forms and have attained mastery over the resources of our planet.  The rate of “progress” during the recent decades, centuries, and millennia is likewise unmatched in 4 billion years of life on Earth. 

Let us view the current status of our species from a long distance perspective:

Civilization – Look Around You
Fundamental Differences in Current Human Civilizations
Humans: Current Status
Western Civilization
Right and Left Brain Balance in Civilizations
Civilization Conflict

Figure. The historical paths from which the 3 major civilizations on this planet are derived.


Can Western Civilization Continue to Lead?

Western Civilization, in some respects, is the most dominant and successful human group organization; at the least it is the most successful at harnessing the planet’s resources for human success. How is Western Civilization positioned to continue as a species leader?

Is the Triumvirate working?
God and Religion in the West
Can the Left Brain Lead Human Destiny?