Vision developed very early in the evolution of life and from inception it was the most advanced neurological network.  Cognitive skills and mind grew around the advanced neural networks that developed to process vision. Most cognitive skills in animals and many of those in humans grew by using the neurological nets that receive and interpret vision.  Most of the other human cognitive skills (i.e. those not associated with vision) have developed around speech and hearing – these cognitive skills, in their advanced forms, are nearly entirely limited to humans.  Furthermore, the survival instincts, needs, and desires associated with vision-derived cognition, in combination with the very different speech-derived cognition, can explain the long-term patterns of human groupings, as revealed in human history, and can also explain the fundamental characteristics of our present mind. 

The Life Drive permeates all of life and is the force that drives Darwinian evolution.  It is theorized that Life is a previously unidentified parameter in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and that it exists at the conditions opposite to the Big Bang conditions.  Most religious and belief systems, whether god-based such as Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, or spiritually-based such as Buddhism or Taoism, are oriented towards the ultimate truth that is Life.

Deeper Summary