Civilizations and History


Civilization Development

Major trends in human history have been about the growth of our collective left brain in the governance of human affairs and its interplay with our vision-based (non-verbal) right mind. 

Figure. Our consciousness is comprised of our right brain sense of "self" and the left brain Ego.  Likewise, our Civilizations are built around our right brain sense of "group" and it's attached left brain "group thoughts".


Our human “advances” have largely resulted from development of our speech-based mind, but the essence and truth of life comes to us from our vision-based mind.  Human groupings and Civilizations are in a Darwinian-inspired competition with one another to create proper balance of left brain success and right brain spiritual and life satisfaction. 

This is the platform for clearly viewing human groupings and enables a clearer picture of human history……as well as current human civilizations, belief systems, and cultures.

Here are some additional building blocks for the picture platform:

Group-think and human advancement
Self vs Group in Civilizations
The Universal God of Abraham

Current Civilizations and the Human Mind

….and here are some specific thoughts on major trends in human history and how they are driven by the contributions and balance of our right and left mind in human leadership.  Our earliest groupings and civilizations were largely governed by vision-based animal grouping models.  These have evolved into newer civilizations and human groupings that include participation and/or leadership of our left brain “group-think”.

Early Right Brain Civilizations
Group Think Emerges to Lead
Western Civilization History –Left Brain Excess Leads to Return of the Right

…and here are specific thoughts about the status of our left and right minds in current civilizations:

The Triumvirate of Western Civilization
Civilization Differences – East and West